Are you a PRINCE2 BA?

I have always been a massive advocate of planning. This is rooted in an adage that I often heard as a child growing up in Nigeria which states that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. It is also rooted in my experiences as a Change Professional where I have learned numerous lessons on planning regardless of whether a formal structured plan was demanded of me or not.For this reason, Project Management has always held a great deal of

The Business Analyst Role

I have written this article in response to a number of aspiring practitioners who have asked me exactly what the business analyst role entails. This question is relevant because of the wide variations in Business Analysis practice and practitioners across different organisations. The BABOK itself in it’s first chapter, provides an answer to the question ‘Who is a Business Analyst?’ and gives a range of job titles that could perform the role of business analyst within the organisation. Also in the

Every Business needs a GP!

“Explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old” This is a phrase that most BAs may recognise from their elicitation repertoire!Well, I found myself quite literally in this position when my friend’s five year old daughter asked what my job was. What was particularly interesting was how the ears of the adults perked up even though I had told most of them at one point in time or another that I was a business analyst. I attributed this to the